Monday, July 15, 2013

birthday 2013

birthdays have been pretty bittersweet for me since i turned sixteen. that was the first year i celebrated my special day away from home, and i think between then and now i have only been with my family for one birthday. attending "summer intensives" is basically a necessity in the ballet world, so since i was fifteen i've spent a lot of time away each summer. for whatever reason, it still doesn't feel right not to be in louisville on july 12th. i'm hoping that my brother and i can have a joint celebration around his birthday in august!

despite all of that, i had a wonderful birthday this year with my "second family." it all started when my boyfriend gave me a new lens for my camera! i have wanted this particular lens since i first got my dslr two and a half years and i have never been so thrilled to take pictures. then, in lieu of a birthday cake, his mom ordered georgetown cupcakes for me! they are the best cupcakes out there and it's such a treat to have them delivered. i'm really hoping georgetown cupcakes will open a new store here in philly soon!

(love the pink cupcake box!)

for dinner we went to a (new to us) restaurant, talulah's garden. isaac and i are both big stephen starr fans and our meal did not disappoint! we decided to go with the prix fixe menu and i'm so glad we did. the chef agreed to make accommodations to exclude all meats except fish and it was the perfect way to get a feel for what the restaurant has to offer. the food is all "farm to table" and i found the dishes interesting, incredibly fresh and delicious. i especially loved the course where we were both presented with individual, beautiful cheeese plates. and did i mention that the restaurant itself is gorgeous?! unfortunately, it was a torrential downpour when we went but i'd love to eat in the garden next time.

(cookies presented at the end of our meal)

now i have a new dream to visit amy oxley's other restaurant, talulah's table, where there is literally only one table for twelve! apparently, you have to make reservations a year in advance. i think it sounds worth it though!

(he's pretty sweet.)

after dinner, we had cupcakes with mister's family and i got to open some presents from home. i felt so loved and "known."

the next day we went to the adventure aquarium in camden, nj. i had never been to an aquarium before, so i was pretty excited! (how did i miss all the field trips to newport aquarium growing up? i'm pretty sure my siblings have been numerous times?!) my only complaint is that they didn't have many seahorses. anyone who knows me well knows that i have an obsession with them and dream of owning my own someday. (i even got a gorgeous seahorse purse for my birthday!)

(view of philly from camden. i still find it funny how much i've grown to love that city.)

(in front of a huge shark mouth. as we were posing, a woman kept asking us if we were married yet. i could hardly contain my laughter.)

overall, it was a wonderful birthday. i am challenging myself to focus on how many wonderful people are in my life here in philadelphia instead of being sad that i don't get to see my family as often as i'd like. i am incredibly blessed and as my mom would say, "there's no time for sadness!"

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  1. I love you alexandra!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and I'm sorry I didn't get to wish you a great day when I saw you. Miss you soooo much! --madison eichert